Sunday, March 20, 2005

Okay...when I was at LIFE in 2003, I was supposed to keep a list of things I mastered each day or something positive that happened that day. Normally, I think it's a bunch of hooey...but after Thursday's session I have been in a "funk" and it has been noticed...RATS!

My camp name when I was there with my 4th graders was "Queenie," in honor of the thread on the forums started for me...and I am lousy at coming up with names on the spot! Anyway, it has kinda stuck and the girls (the two I took up) call me "Queenie."

This morning we were leaving Children's Church and G's mom (who leads it) and I were talking about how G and E still call me "Queenie." Then she told me last night when G was praying...she was thanking God that she would "get to see Queenie" tomorrow since I was away last week. G and I have a great relationship...but she's not a total cuddly kid apart from family and I am never quite sure where I stand with her. I guess I know now!

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Dreaming again said...

awwww how precious!! That is just great!

I think it's great your name is Queenie, you deserve it!

That's how God sees you ... he really does ... a child of the King of Kings.