Monday, April 18, 2005

Going to the Baseball Game!

Okay...all you Bay Area bloggers that read this...DO NOT remove me from your blog rolls, spam my blog and gate me...


Hey...when it comes to the NL I bleed black and orange...but when it comes to the AL...I am an Angel fan. I was even at the game last fall that sent the Angels to the play offs...I was hunkered down hising my Angels sweatshirt...but I was cheering loudly!

Tonight they play Seattle. I was going to wait until the As series this weekend...but I am a little restless and I really want to see them in case the weekend gets too busy.

So, I am all set with my Angels sweatshirt and with the As, Angels and Mariners all ties for 1st...any game right now is going to be awesome!

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Dreaming again said...

awwww man!!!! I've been an Angel's fan since i was a very little girl!
I used to sit on my daddy's (step) lap at the games (or on his shoulders if we were standing.

I'm so jealous ...