Thursday, April 07, 2005

One Week From Tomorrow...

...I will be heading to the OC!!! I cannot wait on several points:

1. Meeting YS Forumites

2. Getting to see my chiropractor

3. Disneyland!

4. Seeing/staying with Anna (and getting to know EG better)

5. Spending time at Saddleback (my purpose [hahahahaha] for going)

6. Being "home" for 9 days.

At this point, I am already chomping at the bit...I am leaving early next Friday and will probably get home late Sunday...depending on what I do. I really need to focus on the now though because I have plenty to do!


Aurora said...

Good to hear that you have something fun to look forward to :) Take care, and enjoy your trip.

Jeff Stilwell said...

I AM SO ENVIOUS!! I want to go!!
Hey, thanks for the email and sharing an awesome part of your struggle. You rock. I'm praying for your trip and your ministry. It stretches far beyond your work with students. THANKS AGAIN!