Monday, April 18, 2005

Off To Knott's!

My friend Lisa is sick so she won't be meting me at Knott's...but I am going to go for a few hours anyway...mainly because I can't bring myself to let the ticket go to waste. It is going to be very lok key though. See what I want, ride Ghost Rider and that big tall free fally thingy and Montazuma's Revenge and maybe call it a day.

I have a blister on my left heel that makes a lot of walking painful so while I REALLY wanted to meet Lisa...she can get the rest she needs and I can save my feet a bit! I have one more day left on my Disney ticket...I would go today...but nah...I may go tomorrow and skip seeing Dr. D one day.

As I have just passed the seven month mark of no purging and this Thursday will mark 6 months no cutting AND six months of not using both behaviors (in the past if I was doing, I wasn't doing the other or I was doijg both)I splurged and bought a new watch at Disneyland. I love it. It is Tinkerbell...but not like a kiddie watch or anything like that. Okay, I am using these milestones as justification for splurging...but I know Rob and especially Toni would tell me that it was a good thing!


Joann said...

Hi, I would love to be at DISNEYLAND. Lucky you. I was there in the '50s the first time. I'm not so happy I'm that old, but I am glad I was able to see the changes over the years. Back then they had a live donkey ride. It was awful!

Dreaming again said...

I think it is a very good reason to splurge. Very good indeed!

Give yourself a hug from me! (and you know how stingy I am with those!)

And hey, thanks for the comment left on my blog, you have no idea how much it means to me. I didn't know this was going to hit sooo hard.