Friday, April 15, 2005

Home Sweet Home...

Here I am in "The OC." In a hotel room with a view of the parking lot and the Burger King next door.

I left at 6 this morning and pretty much drove 85 MPH once I got in the 5. A few places of icky traffic and off to Irvine I went first. I HAD to see my chiropractor. I totally surprised him...he had no clue and that was awesome! I made him PB cookies, PB fudge and a lof of PB bread and he dug into the cookies right away. He only eats white sugar on Friday and so he was excited it was my stuff he gets to "cheat" with!

I told him that this week marks 7 months since I have purged and almost 6 months (next Thursday...the 21st) since I have cut. He was really excited and told me that he hasn't seen me look this healthy in a long time and I look better than I did in August. Considering I have been sleep deprived for a couple weeks...that is saying a lot...and I know he doesn't mean I am a beached whale...but I hear healthy and my mind goes there still...but this is the man who has seen me at my absolute worst and pretty much at my best (like when I first got home from Remuda the first time) so when he says that he means it in a GOOD way.

Tomorrow is G's basketball game. There are kids from the tournament staying here and it's annoying...if they come home tonight dribbling the ball in the hallway...they die! Sunday I think I am going to Ron's church and surprise him and then go to Disneyland. Saddleback has 2000 tix left for Sunday...but it IS an all day event and I don't want to totally waste my 3 day park hopper.

I feel like a bum just sitting here in the hotel...but I am exhausted and my head is killing me. Doug wasn't able to do a whole lot he couldn't help it as much as he would have liked. I think I am just tired. To do anything else would really be a waste of money and/or time because I am so tired. So, I will rest up and take the day on tomorrow!

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