Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I Try...

Working PT, I try really hard to watch how I spend money. I have two credit cards "normal" credit card and one from Old Navy. I could give up my other one no problem...but I "need" my Old Navy one and have been very good about both of them. Until my So Cal no more using the MC for at least six months. I try and make more than the minimum payments on both and usually succeed.

This month is turning into the worst first two weeks of any month financially in a long time. In the next few days I have my MC payment, my AAA membership renewal, my car insurance payment, I put off my cat's rabies booster so now I have to get it or I will be fined by the city and one more thing I can't recall. I worked and worked my numbers and even if one of two reimbursement checks I am getting for supplies and VBS stuff, I will barely make it to next Friday's pay day.

Yesterday, I emailed Rob and Toni to let them I am pretty sure I'd have to cancel my appointments. As I looked at my account and added it all up, there was no way I could spend an extra $130 on treatment stuff this week. It's just not there.

With Toni it was no problem. I rescheduled. NEVER in 3 1/2+ years have I ever had to cancel Rob. We have rescheduled (by his request at times and at my request as well, such as last week for VBS), we have cancelled when we are out of town and I let him know weeks in advance and vice versa. But, I have never had to cancel for any other reason. I haven't even seen his cancellation policy since the day I walked into his office. THAT is a huge, costly mistake:

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation needs to be made at least 50 hours (2 days for weekly schedule) or 100 hours (4 days for every-other-week schedule) in advance from the time of your appointment to avoid being charged for the session. Please do note that you will be responsible for full payment of session if you do not cancel before your scheduled appointment. ALSO NOTE THAT CANCELLATION NEEDS TO BE BY PHONE – NOT E-MAIL.

So, I had to cancel because I don't have the $80 to see him tomorrow and yet I now owe him that money anyway. I had to cancel Toni for next week so I can pay him what I owe him on top of the $100 a week I already pay him. At this point I may cancel Monday so I have the money to pay him all $160 next Thursday.

I know the policy isn't there to punish me...but oh my gosh. I have never missed an appointment, never cancelled on a whim. I have been there faithfully 2x a week for most of the 3 1/2+ years. You'd think there be at least one "grace" screw up. Heck, at RR you get one grace meal when you get there!

I feel like an idiot. I was cancelling so I wouldn't be cutting myself short and now I am still all screwed up this month.

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