Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Let's see...

1. The new Youth Director started and she ROCKS! I am excited to have her on staff, to have be part of her YM team and for what God is going to do through her. She feels many of the same things about the group that has been flaoting in my head and I know she is the catalyst that will bring that stuff to fruition.

2. House sitting is going well. I am getting used to it...which is kinda bad since the 30th I will be back to my house and all that goes with it. Thought tomorrow I may go over there. I miss my doggies. I like Molly...but it is not quite the same.

3. Food is starting to improve. It's hard because of the heat...but I'm doing it. I just hate it because of how I feel everytime I need to start from scratch...should be incentive. However, there are times I really, really, really like the feeling of no food in my body and that far outweighs anything else much of the time.

4. Rob goes on vacation next week. I was expecting it (he confirmed last week), but I wish it wasn't the week before the retreat I am speaking at. I could just use that safe place next week before I do this thing. At least if I stink too bad I won't worry about them spending $$ on me...I only get mileage. The theme is "God's Presence" and thanks to Chris over at Paradoxology, I got some ideas that spurred other things in my head.

5. Numbers. I am working on that one this week with Rob. What they mean to me, why they mean anything, what they get in the way of, etc. I told him a huge motivation for not engaging in behaviors are my numbers. I don't want to break my streak, but I thought that was not a good motivation. Then I got really honest and told him the other motivation was what happened the last time I used a behavior (other than restriction). Granted, I had kept Rob in the dark for a week, but the look on his face, the silence in the office, the fact he was almost going to terminate me for being "defiant," has been a deterrent to be sure. I am also sure in the past almost 21 months that I have embellished in my head his reaction...but maybe not. Don't want to find out.

I was worried about what I had said when I mailed him later he thought it was "honest and refreshing" and wants me to wear a mirror on my head so he can watch his facials! HA! He is a nut. Which I remind him of everytime I bake him something with nuts in them.

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Da Youth Guy said...

It never ceases to amaze me how the scenarios inside my head are always much worse than real life. I am a chronic worrier and worst case scenario person till I finally burst out and then feel silly (at least).

Thank God for an understanding wife.

Glad you were honest with Rob. I keep prayers flying for you.