Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pool and Praise!

Tonight starts our annual summer "Pool and Praise." I have NO clue who is coming. As usual, no one bothers to tell me these things...even when I ask. I expect it will be the "usual suspects," and I am bringing one of them with me!

This summer we pretty much have stopped everything (Sunday School and "normal" youth group)and next year I am either going to really push for no SS for all...or make sure that someone else does child care and we do have something for Jr. High...especially with the new 6th graders moving up. This has got to be a little strange for them...even though they know all the others anyway.

I am going to take them through Steven James' "Never be the Same." I think it will appeal to all of them. Then I will have a few of the follow up questions on the Jr. High blog. This means "S" and "G" and "M" will be the only ones who answer...but it'll be OK.

The new Youth Director starts Monday. I can't wait to meet with her. I have no clue of she is going to do what I did (be with high school and let the volunteers run Jr. High) or if she has a new structure in mind. I really want to give a lot of Children's Ministry leadership away in the fall. Not so I can pursue Jr. High (afterall, I am "just" a volunteer), but because I need to and I want to and I think we are really in a place where equipping people will be a huge success.

My SP told me that after almost four years, some people aren't quite sure what I do and others are confused about the new hire and think I'm leaving. Ummm...I haven't been Youth Director in THREE years! HELLO! I can't tell you how well this is all communicated. Home meetings, Town meetings, newsletter, power point, how I introduce myself from the pulpit when I do announcements, etc. Okay, the fact people still think I am "in charge" of youth...kind of neat...but I pray that causes no problems for Debra. I think she is going to be INCREDIBLE and may be just the person to knock these kids out of their Holy Huddle syndrome. It took me a good 12 months to do that at my first church and I see a lot of similarities. Most of these kids (Jr. High through High School) have been together since they were born!

Anyway, pray for us tonight. I know the boys will be annoyed at the "praise" part of the night...but that's life!

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Friar Tuck said...

you notice in the pic the food has the boys full attention...where the girls are noticing the camera and the people around them? Priceless.