Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why I "Hate" the 4th of July...

Okay, I don't really. It's just been a LONG four hours with my grandparents and my mom and I am so glad she is going off to her room and will leave me alone for the rest of the night.

Actually, six years ago on the 4th of July I was bored to death because I was a 1a (I had been at RR for three days) and as such was not allowed to play any of the games nor walk anywhere until my labs came back. It was actually a BETTER 4th than today.

Not that it has been a huge disaster or anything, but it just grates on me when my grandmother refers to spumoni as "wop ice cream," she is just buzzed enough to bemoan some old boyfriend 20 years her junior about 40 years ago who brought her a dozen long stemmed roses on the 4th of July and my mother on the couch sleeping the day away. Oh, and my grandmother ants me to try and use the 'Net to track the giy down. Ummm....no. It was really nice escaping to my grandfather's bedroom and reading his newspaper and watching TV with him. Can today be over already?

Oooo...news on the new Youth Director! One of my Jr. High girls posted on our chat box on the Children's Ministry blog who it is. Gigi's mom is on Session so that is how she knows. Anyway, at the end of May we had one of our Coffee Houses/Open Mic. nights. This awesome African American family attended and honestly I was thinking Choir Director and not Youth Director when they showed up. Anyway, the mom from that family is going to be the new Youth Director and that is too, too awesome! Her daughter has an incredible voice and I hope she'll join the Youth Worship Team. I can't wait to officially meet them! I think it is going to be a GOOD thing!

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Dreaming again said...


6 years ago! wow. I remember you leaving for RR ... wow.

sigh ...wish I had something more productive to say ... hugs and prayers