Friday, April 30, 2004

Go Boilermakers!!!

I cannot believe I am stepping foot into West Lafayette, IN again. I truly never thought I would see the day. I truly never thought that, even though I am finding small things I miss (Panera), I would have it within me to be in a place where I was so lonely and all that depressing stuff! :)

But, time has passed. There are people I miss from there and it wasn't all truly wasn't. I got my kitty "Boo" when I was there, I was able to drive to so many other places, the change of seasons was awesome, Turkey Run State park has awesome horse back riding (and cheap) and I had so much fun with VBS when I was there. OOOOO...Frozen Custard!!! CA has not dicovered this yet!

Back I will go this summer to Triennium...held at Purdue...a mere 1.5 miles (or so) from the westen edge of campus is the church I served. I think Rob's jaw almost hit the floor when I told him yesterday. He thinks it'll be a good expereince for me (Triennium) no matter where it is held. Dang it, all my Purdue clothing is long sleeved...but I look forward to seeing the black and gold and how the town has changed and how campus has changed.

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