Monday, April 05, 2004

Jars of Clay!

Yesterday after church I hopped in my car and drove to San Francisco to see Jars of Clay! It was awesome! I went on and got a $225 room for $60 and a cute botique hotel in Union Square. Came back to a turned down bed, classical music on the radio and my stuffed dog at the head of the bed ready to greet me!

By far, Jars of Clay has the most "emotional" connection to memories both good and bad and playing a part in my illness and recovery. If any of you are with me and I have a panic attack (okay, it's been almost a year since my last one), pop in Jars of Clay and it grounds me. Last June the staff was having a hard time grounding me and getting me to breathe and then Melissa out on a Jars CD and helped me to focus by playing "name that tune."

Some songs have meaning to me such as "Hand." That fit the description of my first therapist, Marc, and our relationship. "The Valley Song" gave me some hope when I was getting so sick last spring.

I have been a huge fan since "Jars of Clay" came out and they did the non-stop touring. They must have come through So Cal every 3 months for a year and a half and I didn't miss one show. Last year they were here at Great America, but I was at Remuda and missed them and I was not going to make the same mistake again.

I am sure there are some that do not like them not their music, but I said on the YS boards that music is so subjective and it can evoke such emotion...and they do that for me. At times there music speaks what I cannot, prays the words that I am unable to pray for whatever reason...and seeing this small club with a "crowd" of 150-200 of all ages (9 or 10 on up) was such a neat thing...parents with their children, friends, etc. I can't wait to see them again...they promised "soon."

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