Wednesday, April 28, 2004


I am such a dork. Today I had my first dizzy spell in a long time. You wanna know my reaction??? I was actually EXCITED about it. Okay...not so much the standing up and feeling all woozy thing...that was actually a bit scary because I hadn’t expected to be dizzy. When I knew getting up would cause it, I would usually get up slowly! But, I was excited from a “I’m in control” standpoint.

However, I am eating leftover salmon and asparagus and am actually going to have some mashed potatoes with it (I had to do something before they went bad and would have to listen to my mom...that also means I need to eat the kiwi I have as well)...I think. My mom wanted me to split a can of Coke with her earlier so I am having 2nd thoughts.

I was going to say why couldn’t I just be like my mom and eat cereal...but I just looked at calories and stuff and how much she ate and I think I’m better off with the salmon and stuff...even if she did eat Special K.

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