Sunday, November 07, 2004

I Need Sleep!

This not being able to sleep for two months the entire night is getting old. I can udually deal OK...but it triggered a migraine at church. That would be no was the day we gave Bible to our 4th graders. I did the presentation and asked Steve to pray instead of me and then I toughed it out until the last hymn.

One thing I have realized and I have tried to not let it bother me...until how I am treated post Remuda LIFE. People at church either still consider me part of the church and part of their lives (meaning youth and their parents) or I am now just that person that works with the elementary kids. That was made crystal clear when I didn't get invited to Ben's wedding. It also hurts...a lot...made even more clear by not being invited to the wedding when Ben and Chrissy were so excited to TELL me in the first place!

Oh gives me something to talk to Rob about. Honestly, it hurts way more than I could put in words...but that's what he is there for. and in his office are the only places I can even mention something like this!

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