Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Okay...not really. But the last few days have set the tone for the next couple weeks.

The email from my uncle shook me...more than I think I have been willing to admit. Forgiveness of his friend aside...that doesn't mean I want to see anything from him, know that they still have a friendship, etc. The nightmares started last night.

Then there is VBS. I came to the conclusion that even though I KNOW VBS cannot and will not be perfect...I want it to be. Rob and I started to hammer at that one a little bit yesterday.

I had a meeting on Sunday and most people did not come. That is pretty upsetting and now I have to do a "meeting by mail" for the most part to catch them all up. The person who is supposed to do my decorating has not returned my calls. AUGH!!!!!

There is so much swirling in my head and I can't put my finger on any of it right now.

The stress got to me on Sunday and if I hadn't been at church and if people had not been around, I probably would have stood there and just bawled because I was so overwhelmed. I told Rob I just had to suck it up and go on with the morning. He asked me why I wouldn't let myself feel and I told him it was unprofessional.

So, this is the beginning of a new week and a chance to plug away at all this.


PA said...

I'm sure VBS will be great. Each year I look at it and say "why the heck do we do this?" And now 2 days in I'm thinking "why don't we do this every week?" It's so easy and completely awesome for the kiddies. When things go wrong, and they will, just know that it is just an example of you being you. Messy... gosh I wish I coined that... but that Mike guy got it first!

Kev said...

Mark 4:39
"And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm."

He can do the same for those stressful things that are going on in your life. May God be with you.