Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Rules About Food

It is really hard to talk about working on these rules and talking about them here unless I write about them. So...


1. Food must be cut in an even number of pieces
2. Food must be eaten by food group
3. I must use the same fork at all meals (yes, I wash it… a lot!)
4. Stomach growling must be unbearable before I give in to it
5. When I have no control over what I have to eat (i.e. mom chooses what we eat, we are with my grandparents)…that is the only meal that day and no other food is allowed until the next day…time is negotiable but the goal is at least 12 hours later
6. When stomach is growling…water before food…always…
7. When being cornered (pretty much that is the case) with having to have dessert (normally if we have a meal with my grandparents) I have to cut the pieces so I can get the smallest piece unnoticed.
8. Always grocery shop alone (going with mom is a whole other issue *shudder*)
9. When people bring stuff to the office…I have to ignore it
10. Toss food out if I am tempted to eat more or, now that I have a Food Saver, when it cools (should it need to) immediately bag and freeze.


11. If I eat two meals (or three) in a day, I must wait for no less than 12 but try to make it to 24 hours before I eat again
12. If I eat more than once a day I must wait at least 12 hours before eating again
13. If a morning meal is consumed (before 9:00 AM) no other food is allowed until at least 10 hours later
14. No eating past 8:00 PM. Should this happen…no food for at least 14-20 hours


15. If I give in to a “fast food” craving…I must wait a minimum of 12 hours before eating again
16. Any “junk food” out must be ordered with veggies and not fries (i.e. Chili’s)
17. Any cravings must be ignored


18. After eating a full, balanced meal…no eating…even if I do get hungry
19. If a meal is “carb heavy” (i.e. pasta) no other food is allowed that day
20. If a meal causes acid reflux, no other food is allowed that day
21. If I eat pizza, no other food is allowed that day
22. If I bake and/or make fudge and try it myself…no other food is allowed that day
23. Avoid mayo unless it is my grandfather’s potato salad…but then no other food is allowed after that meal until the next day


24. Dizziness is good
25. Try to avoid “Lunch Together” at church whenever possible
26. Instead of food, Gatorade is an acceptable substitute
27. Coffee (since it is usually a mocha something or other) counts as a meal
28. Popcorn counts as a meal
29. If I can lead my mom to believe I have had a meal when I have not…this is a GOOD thing

Lack of Enjoyment:

30. Try to distract myself while eating (i.e. books, TV)

Toni put the rules in these categories and then asked where I wanted to start. After much anxiety I decided on the "control" issues and she told me to pick three. So, I am working on the first three. I am also supposed to figure out if I use anything to compensate...yah...not on purpose, but a I am eating "finger food" and haven't needed to cut anything up.

I see her again in a week...I REALLY need to challenge myself this next week.

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