Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Just a quick note because I have been MIA (not that anyone notices...but that is OK with me!)!

By and large it is going well. Small numbers...but the kids are having fun and the leaders like The Serengeti Trek a lot. Heck...even the boys are enjoying "
Critter Crafts" and THAT is a minor miracle.

The opening kinda stinks...but that is partially my fault and partially the fault of the pwrson who told me she could do it and cannot. I was really tempted to tell her she could just leave...but I haven't. I just know for the future that VBS is NOT her thing!

Pix and stuff to follow!


Dreaming again said...

looks like all is going well

Dad is coming town tomorrow .... fun ...and there are gremlines in my computer.

Hey ...guess who plans the next Kids Night out .... 2 weeks after our children's minister gets back from maternity leave, so I will have to have most of it solidified before she gets back!
Not sure how that one happened.


PA said...

Glad VBS went well. Numbers mean squat. I know you stressed over this and I'm sure you did a great job. At least all the kids in the pics are smiling.