Saturday, June 11, 2005

What Was My Uncle Thinking???

I got a rather amusing forward from my uncle. It was funny. Then I saw who sent it to him. The man who molested me.
My best guess is that my uncle figures since it happened almost 23 years ago that the name doesn't send me into a panic and that they are still friends doesn't bug me.
I wish I could say he was right...he's not.
Now...if I was vengeful sort of person (there are actually times I wish I was)...I could do a lot with that email address because now I have it. But, that is not who I am and it would do me no good to do anything with it.
So, I sit here and breathe and try to get rid of the feeling of dread, dirtiness and loathing that comes over me when things like this come up.

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Dreaming again said...

I am so sorry! Did you know he had your email? Geesh!

Keep breathing, and praying. I'm praying for you, even more intensly than usual for the next few days. Make sure you leave a voice mail or email Rob about this.

((((((((((((((((( D )))))))))))))