Friday, July 30, 2004


A week ago we had "sleep in day." It was a chance to recharge and relax. It was the opportunity to go to the Spirituality Center and NOT rush through all they had to offer. It was a chance to go downtown and but Purdue clothing items, escape the dining halls and the PMU and a chance to cultivate friendships.

I had a hard time sleeping in. I got up, went to breakfast a little later than usual and went to the Spirituality Center. It was really corwded and some people didn't realize that you need to let others pass on the Labryinth and I was more frustrated than anything.

So, I left and went shopping. I ran into "E" on my way to Purdue West and he tld me he slept until likr 10:00 AM! Awesome! I took the Trolley to Chauncey Hill Mall and had lunch at The Parthenon...a little Greek place that I missed and was looking forward to revisiting. Yeah...a meal I was actually looking forward to! Go figure!

I then took the Trolley to downtown Lafayette (not that you have a choice) and ran into "D" and her friends. Some were from her Prsebytery and some were not...and she looks really happy! Something I had been worrying about all week. But, as I got to know her and reading her livejournal since coming home, I get it. God did awesome things for her at PYT and she KNOWS it!

It was a neat day to see "my kids"outside our small group and have time to have "real" conversations with one another. It was a day to revisit the place where there was so much lonliness and pain and see the good of that year and that there is stuff I miss.

I kept saying that this trip was either going to be very healing or send me over the edge. I am firmly a few steps from the edge! I was glad to be back an visit and while I don't think I could ever live back there again...I love the fact I now have many, many happy memories of the "greater Lafayette area."

Us? Off Campus?
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