Friday, July 09, 2004


I leave in 9 days and I am so incredibly unfocused it's not even funny. My mind is pulled in a million directions and yesterday was a day of "shock and awe." And not in a good way.

Spoke to one of my mentors on the phone and got a shock about his marriage. My heart breaks for the situation and for him and the boys and even her...cuz something has got to be going on... Their family has always been such a place of safety for me...I think back to times I have spent with the family and am truly shocked. Yet, after they began moving and I did too...I missed a lot because I wasn't there spending the night and hanging at the house.

It turns out Rob's vacation starts just before I get back from Triennium. This means two weeks (well...18 days) of no contact at all. Heck...even when I was IP we had phone sessionsmy first month and thenI'dstill call or email to touch base and if he needed to he called me back and stuff. Ijust emailed my dietitian becauseif she is gone that week as well...ack!

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