Thursday, July 01, 2004

Over Exercise My Foot... arms, my abs, my legs...

So, I now belong to the YMCA and I love it! Much better than the icky gym I joined because it weas cheap and then didn't go because it was always crowded and way too small for the "crowds," but it was because of the cheap membership.

I am doing this 12 week program that I THOUGHT was going to be more supervised...but it's not. When it comes to strength training...I don't go over my sets and reps. Cardio on the other hand... Cardio on an empty stomach... Almost an hour of cardio per session... Toni was not extactly a happy camper. I kept telling her yesterday...after burning off almost 600 calories on the elliptical machine...WHY would I want to eat???

So, we spent some time negotiating how long I can be on the em. She is allowing 45 minutes 3 days a week...but if I don't eat three times (not full meals..."eating episodes") then we have to talk about me doing any cardio. I told her that it's NOT a critical point and goodness knows I need to lose the weight (I really and truly do...I HATE PCOS with a passion because losing is so ^$^&%# hard!). I left out the weight part though. I feel so hemmed in and all I want to do is rebel because I KNOW that I can work up to 5 days a week and be OK. I also realize in this fairly sane moment that I amjust switching the mode in which my ED works. I mean, overexercising IS a problem for me once I get going in a program...but I see that I am more than willing to switch out not eating for 75 minutes on the em.

The one thing I need to look at is that my body is pretty much functioning correctly. My metbaolism is as slow as anything (14 1/2 years of ED among other things will do that)...but I exercise and I get hungry. I have a morning "eating episode" (Boost) and I get hungry a few hours later as I revved up the metbaolism by eating...and I HATE IT!!! I hate feeling hungry and I hate that I have to eat and I hate that it takes me forever to decide what to eat and how to get all the elements of my meal plan in.

I had popcorn at like 10 PM last night. It is 8:30 AM now and I am sooo hungry! HELLO...I just ate 10 1/2 hours ago...

I still need to do the writing assignment for Rob.

It was 4 years ago today that I entered Remuda the first time. Wow!

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Anonymous said...

Tina here:

PCOS is a curse from hell I believe! Eating, not eating, watching carbs, exercising... doesn't seem to make a dent in it!