Monday, August 16, 2004

Day One...

I am here. Good 'ol So Cal! And sadly...I have been awake for hours! I could head to D-land right now...but I think I will wait for evening. I may even just go to CA (mis) Adventure. I can go and see Dr. D at 11:30 and can check into my other hotel for the week after 3...I may try and push that a little.

But, I can go to Main Place, the two story Barnes & Noble, go to Newport Beach should I so desire...lots to do here! But, knowing me...I will end up at Downtown Disney at the very least!

As far as the job thing goes...God IS good. As I sat there yesterday waiting for the kids to get upstairs for Children's Church and was a bit in shock over the memo and the deadline...some ideas just "came" to me. Ideas that I can prsent when I go back that shows that I AM thinking of all this. I will say I wish I hadn't seen the memo. I KNEW all this (see other entries) but to see the deadline looming and in black and white...that is a bit unsettling.

We have a CE building that, as my SP put it, was built then largely ignored. I have free reign to change the name of our Workshop Rotation ( I really dislike our current "Biblemaniacs" I inherited) and things like that.

My plan is to change the entire outside of the building with pain and plywood cut outs that can be attached to the walls and decorated for Christmas, the seasons, etc. It would be called "The Neighborhood" and each workshop would be a "business" in that neighborhood. From Aunt Martha's Kozy Kitchen to The Westmintster Playhouse...each workshop and classroom (toddlers/Nursery) would be themed.

I want parents and kids to see it as a fun and safe place. Fun for the kids, safe for the parents and whilesome of that is there...a facelift wouldonly enhance all that.

The fact still remains that pretty much every school aged kid in our church IS involved with CM. If they are not there for Children's Church (held during the SS hour) they are for Biblemaniacs (they are excused after the Children's Message). But, what are we doing as a a church to bring people TO the church? Not a whole lot. We do servant ebangelism which is AWESOME, but for all the raking, laundry and trash we one ever comes to check us out. I pray that a seed has been planted and that they DO check out a church period and what it means to have a relationship with Christ.

The bounce house I need to get for our Kick Off is NOT going to bring new kids into our programs. I think I am the only one who realizes that.

For the families that do check us out...I have made contact right away and make sure they are on the mailing list, etc. I have asked a parent to take that over...but still waiting for a reply.

I have a plan to make teaching workshop rotation better and give themmore ownership. Why he added that when we talked about it is beyond me. The again...he thought the leadership team had only meant once and we have been metting for almost 6 months. Which is funny because I TALK about the meeitngs is STAFF meeting.

All I can do is use the gifts God has given me and if he doesn't like it...then I guess I'll be unemployed!

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