Sunday, August 15, 2004


I have until mid-October to improve and grow the Children's Ministry or I am out.

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Deadyouthpastor Walking said...

That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Grow the children's ministry? Most children's ministries grow by two means:

1. worship attendance-- they come to worship and say "hey they have a children's ministry, let's go."
2. wait-- every year a new crop of kids comes in and a new crop goes out. this has nothing to do with the 'success' of the ministry, but the number of kids in the age groups.

And putting that kind of demand on a staffperson is not a good idea-- it reflects the impatient irrational attitude of the church's head shepherd, whose desire for numbers probably results from a little saddleback envy, or pressure from the session perhaps?

And finally, it is mid-august. What kind of growth would this person like to see in two months' time?! Two months?! Grow a program in two months?! Passing out money and ice cream, or having the teletubbies would be the only way I can imagine to reflect growth in two months' time.

Sorry, but that's just not rational of him.