Friday, August 13, 2004

Prayer Request

Prayer Request:

I had another meeting today with my SP. I wasn't quite expecting it. He is upset because there have been no changes since our last meeting. I was gone for a week he was gone for 2...and my team members have been gone as well.

Anyway...if he doesn't see changes I am out. I don't know where he got the idea my team had only met once...but that was a shock when he told me that. I am ONE person working PT and all my energy ends up going to programming. I do have some stuff in place...almost in place...that is going to alleviate it...but it takes time.

I told him where I was headed and he LOVED is now just a matter of making it reality. It's going to take $$ to make some of this happen and we have none. I am over-budget because I actually had to buy new supplies. But, I know things can happen anyway!

I am numb and at a loss and just wanna give everything up and...ugh...I know I'll get over it! Just really hurting right now.


Anonymous said...

You hang in there. I hate those kind of meetings. You want to rant and cry and throttle them, all at the same time. Just keep plodding along one step at a time. Sending up a prayer!

Len said...

Baby steps, baby steps. :-) Keep at it and keep the plan in front of you. Work it and bathe it in prayer.

Anonymous said...

please pray for a relationship to continue and to work out and to result in lvoe happiness etc