Tuesday, August 17, 2004

There's No Place Like Home!

Despite the traffic and all that can drive me nuts about the OC...I am "home." I have not been this happy or relaxed in a very long time!

I am trying to remember that when my friends tell me I look "good" and "healthy" they do not mean "My, what a beached whale you have turned into." But, it is really a fight to keep that all at bay. Then I have to remember that the people who have said that tome have seen me at my absolute worst/sickest and so it is very different coming from them. Especially my chiropractor. He has seen me at the absolute worst and for him to say that...I know it is a GOOD thing.

After I did preliminary check in stuff here at this hotel...I had a ton o' time to kill so I went and saw friends and made the mistake of going to The Block (an outdoor mall) and going into American Eagle. smile.gif

Today, I went to see my chiropractor and he "fixed" my knee that has been bothering me since PYT and then I had lunch with my mentor. It was sooo good. He said an thing I need to remmeber and figure out...what about paid ministry makes it "toxic" for me? That was good. I need to think about that and he shared his thoughts. We are pretty sure he and his ex-wife (looong story...) went to APU with Rob! Small World!

Speaking of which...wend to D-land and CA (mis)Adventure. Not too crowded. Went on the new Tower of Terror 2x in 20 minutes and through the "magic" of single riders...bypassed the 95 minute Splash Mountain line and got right on!

Leaving for Mission Viejo soon to spend time and have dinner with Anna and meet EG before the wedding!

Tomorrow more Disney and Crystal Cathedral friends and Thursday YS! Busy, busy, busy!

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