Monday, August 30, 2004


My mother is playing Food Police and it is driving me nuts! Granted, the only thing I have had to eat today is a jupiter peach...but she doesn't know that! :) She just asked me what I was having for dinner! It is 4:45 PM. A bit early for that!

Today I lied to Rob yet again. I have purged (once) and cut (a couple times) since the last time he asked. The purging was the first time in months and did nothing for me...except the feeling of "control," yet I am really not driven to do it again.

He noticed the cuts and I told him that they were the old ones from the last time I did cut (the one I told him about it). He didn't say he didn't believe me...but for the first time I felt myself blush as I denied all of it. I am so bad.

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