Saturday, January 22, 2005

It's The Weekend...

...and I have no life! Actually, right now it dosn't bother me. I have too much going on in my head. And I am still reeling a bit from Thursdays session. I emailed him yesterday to tell him something and then I ended up also telling him what was going through my head when he made the mind reading crack. Honestly, if we hadn't figured out we were both missing each other with what we were saying I would not have been back. My thought was if he thought I didn't need to eat that not eating to punish myself, because I don't deserve it, etc. was OK then why shell out $400 a month (not counting the $240 my gma pays)? I have a feeling I will have to read that email out loud on Monday.
Mom is working today (until noonish I think) and then her schedule changes and she will have Sundays and Mondays off. I HATE that she is home on Mondays...hopefully this won't be forever!

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