Sunday, January 02, 2005

Rob is Back!!!!

I am sooooo glad he is back. Okay, I did fine without him...fairly well even. I wanted to cut and I didn't. I took his advice of breathing and it really helped. Five really deep breaths helped me to relax a bit and focus on pros and cons of cutting. Okay, I am tempted, but so far so good!
This means I have to give Frederick. I own one myself, but it is not quite the same.
This also means I have to come up with what I want to talk about. I figure by the time I do talk about the stuff that drove me nuts (mom/grandma) that it will take the whole time. Besides, after TEN days...he can't expect me to jump right back into the thick of it all. Well, he could...but I have really set some of it aside because he was gone and thinking of all that while alone...not good!

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