Saturday, January 22, 2005

OC Here I Come...MAYBE!!I

I got an email from my Chuldren's Ministry elder yesterday. I had told her a couple weeks ago I really wanted to go to the Purpose Driven Children's Ministry confrence at Saddleback. I had told Cindy that I KNOW I was a volunteer at All Stars for two years...but volunteering in my little (or I guess rather large as the service I volunteered at had more 5th and 6th graders than show up at our church here on a Sunday) corner of Saddleback is different than hearing the whole thing.
Before the new building was even started, all the 5th/6th grade volunteers from all the services met together as Criag Jutila shared his vision. When I was back there in August it was awesome to see that vision completed.
Anyway, I would have had the $$$, but they cut my professional expenses budget to $116. She talked to or Pastor and he wants to find the $$. I have vision, I KNOW where we want to go and pretty much how to get there but for some reason I am LOUSY about casting said vision. I think this will help.
Granted, being in the OC is a perk all its own. I will get to stay with Anna and EG and get to see Doug and only months will have gone by rather than the almost 2 years from the last time between adjustments. And, as I plan to be back in the fall, it will then only be 6 months!
I hope to more soon!

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