Saturday, January 15, 2005


All that being said...I AM trying. I just finished a rally good portobella/garlic burger on a honey wheat bun with ketchup and mustard. For dinner I am making pizza (TJ crust) but I am not sure if it will be BBQ chicken or more tradional. If mom wants some I will go with tradition! And I will eat broccoli with it. I have some here...or I'll get salad "stuff."
Either way it is about 1/2 of what I should eat and yet feels like so much. Actually, that pizza crust has a lot of calories so I will get in way more than I intended. Maybe not...I can watch the cheese and do veggie instead of chicken and I sound SO screwed up. At least I know it and that is a good thing. Gives me something to work on...I can argue about how much food this is...but there is that part in my had that knows 1/2 my calories is pretty low...not by ED standards...but by being healthy and keeping the body going standards. Which, as usual, is a debate I have witu myself all the time!

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