Thursday, May 27, 2004

The Hours...

No..not the book nor movie...just until my appointment with Rob. I feel a little...okay A LOT...silly because I don't want to share with him today. I want to talk about my "top ten," my meeting with my SP that went well and my eating over the past couple days...but I really don't wnat to talk about the Marc stuff and what I have figured out. I really feel at peace with it...more than I have in ages and ages...and I know I have shared some here, but it's "mine" ya know? However, a promise is a promise.

I hate when I feel dread before an appointment. It doesn't happen very often...but after his last "blow up," I become very anxious. He apologized, we talked it out, and it wasn't undeserved...but it did something inside me and I am not sure what. Either that or it is because I feel so exposed since sharing that list with him...I have not felt that way since I guess it could be a good thing. I do feel anxious and may be a move back on the couch day. We have been sititng on the floor since December (I think) and I like it because we sit closer...not sure I want that today.

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Anonymous said...

love you.