Sunday, May 23, 2004

We Gotta Puppy!

I knew we were getting one, but we all know my mom could have been blowing smoke. However, Thusday she calls me at work and tells me the puppy is coming. So, I drop everything and head to Lunardi's to get said puppy. He is adorable.

The puppy is a maltese/pomeranian mix and was born April 1st! My mom let me name him and so, in honor of Buffyverse, I have named him Spike. I also call him Spikey (my mom's preferred name) and "Blondie Bear." He is supposed to be ours...but he has reallt attached himself to me. It is really cute.

We took him to my grandparents' house yesterday and Mikey isn't too sure what to make of the pipsqueak. I think they will play great together in time. The cats are mad...but the puppy has not idea to chase and bark and them and he is about 1/8 their size! I hope they come around. He is going to be a lot of fun!

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