Thursday, May 13, 2004

Pudding...I Have Pudding!

It finally arrived! All 66 cans of nutritional goodness and the way for me to get in my second "eating episode" without blowing a gasket or barfing a the key is to separate the pudding from dinner. that's going to be easy. Bah!

The thing is, most people think WHY would anyone want to eat a 240 calorie can of pudding? Easy. It beats "real" food. Five ounces of kinda chocolatey goodness and lots of nutrition and none of that icky food in my body. Okay...this is just to help me GET to tolerate more than one meal a day and eventually ADD food...but the thought does not bring me happiness.

But, on the other hand...I guess I can't be afraid of food forever...right??

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